Pump station Keng Vang II

Project: Strengthening irrigation management and improvement of irrigation systems (ADB5) – Sub-project of Kenh Vang 2 pumping station

Detailed description: Supply, transportation, installation, training, operation instructions: 20 HTĐ pumps 8000-6.45 with Q = 8000m3 / h; H = 6.45m

motor mounting 200Kw-590v / p; 21 sets of measuring systems; 20 start and control motors; 03 central console; 05 input cabinets;

02 segment cabinets; 01 self-use cabinets; 01 monitoring and control system; 01 electric cable system for Kenh Vang 2 pumping station

Sub-project “Investing in the construction of Kenh Vang 2 pumping station” under Component 2, the project “Strengthening irrigation management and improving systems

Irrigation (ADB5) “funded by ADB; signed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Hoang Van Thang

1401 / QD-BNN-TCTL dated 14/06/2012. The project has 20 pumping units with each pump capacity of 8000m3 / h. Together with Nhat Trai pumping station and pumping station

Van Thai A actively drained water for 14,812ha in Gia Thuan area, Bac Ninh province;