Hapuma’s production capacity

The production line of the Company completed from consulting, designing, manufacturing, testing, installation, transportation and after-sales service. Quality and environmental management system is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Research and Development Department with a team of professional engineers, equipped with specialized software for research and design: software for design, simulation, optimization of hydraulic profiles, software for casting simulation and so on, together with modern testing center that helps HAPUMA shorten the time to research new products and improving pumping efficiency at the same time. The pump design complies with European and G7 standards.

The complete casting line with a capacity of over 3,000 tons/year, with advanced equipment for the entire casting production process: Wood pattern making equipment, plastic-sand mold making line, electric furnace system, chemical composition spectrum analyzer, ultrasonic device, mechanical strength measuring device, metal-microstructure testing device, so on. The company has experience in casting high mechanical abrasion-resistant and chemical corrosion cast iron and steel grades, and cast steel parts up to 3,000kg and cast iron parts up to 10,000kg. The company’s casting products have been exported to US, Japanese and Korean partners, so on.

Mechanical factory with the complete processing line, equipped with advanced CNC processing machine, can process parts up to 4m in diameter and 7,5 m in length. The team of skilled workers has created high quality products.

All impellers of the pumps are dynamically balanced, in accordance with ISO 1940-01.

The company’s products designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in accordance with international standards. The Company’s testing center is the largest one in the region, which is automated with modern equipment, can test pumps with the rate flow of up to 50,000m3/h, the head up to 1,000m and the capacity of up to 1,500 Kw. All pump test data are calculated, analyzed by software, automatically set up specifications and characteristic curves and tested in accordance with ISO 9906.

With existing equipment and facilities and nearly 60 years of experience, Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Joint Stock Company has been manufacturing high quality products for all sectors of national economy, replacing imported goods and participating in global supply chain.