Hapuma’s production capacity

1. General capacity

Synchronous production and service lines from consulting, design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and maintenance and repair services. The quality and environmental management system complies with international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Research and Development Department with a team of professional engineers, equipped with specialized software for research, design, simulation and optimization of hydraulic profiles, structures and casting technology… Together with a modern testing center, HAPUMA helps shorten the time to research new products and products on demand, while improving pump performance and quality. The pump is designed according to international standards ISO, EU and ANSI..

Synchronous casting line, capacity over 3,000 tons/year, with advanced equipment to serve the entire casting production process: The company has experience in casting abrasion and corrosion-resistant cast iron and steel grades. High chemical corrosion and can cast steel parts up to 2,000 kg, cast iron parts up to 10,000 kg. The Company’s casting products have been exported to partners in the United States, Japan, Korea…

Mechanical factory with synchronous equipment lines, equipped with many advanced CNC processing machines, can process parts up to 4 m in diameter, up to 7.5 m in length. The pump’s rotating parts and wheels are dynamically balanced according to international standard ISO1940-01. A team of skilled machining and assembly workers has created products of high quality and reliability.

All products are tested before being shipped in accordance with ISO 9906 standards. The Company’s testing center is the largest in the region, automated with modern equipment, and can test all types of products. The pump has a flow of up to 50,000 m3/h, a pressure head of up to 1,000 m and a capacity of up to 2,000 KW. All pump test data are automatically collected, calculated, and exported to produce technical parameter tables and characteristic curves by software.

HAPUMA has a team of skilled engineers and workers with extensive experience in consulting services, installation and repair of all types of pumps; integrating synchronous equipment, electrical systems, control systems and automation for pumping projects,

With existing equipment and facilities, and over 63 years of experience, Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Joint Stock Company is a reliable address for the needs of: Consulting, supply and installation of all types of machines High quality pumps and pumping projects in economic sectors and people’s lives, replacing imported goods and participating in the global value chain.

2. Casting and metallurgical capacity

The casting technology line has a capacity of over 3000 tons/year. With nearly 6,000 m2 of factory and synchronous, advanced equipment system, along with a team of experienced engineers and skilled workers, Hapuma is ready to produce and supply high-precision casting products, large sizes and made of different materials such as: gray cast iron, spherical cast iron, high chromium alloy wear-resistant cast iron, alloy steels, austenitic single-phase stainless steel and duplex two-phase stainless steel, suitable for international standards JIS, ASTM and ISO… Outstanding features of the casting technology line are:

Design casting technology using Cast Design software
Advanced processing and sample manufacturing technology
Plastic sand mold technology, creating high precision products
Cooking with high capacity medium frequency electric furnace
Modern heat treatment technology
Blasting cleans and paints finish
Laboratory and measuring equipment is complete and synchronous.
Large casting products, diverse materials with high quality.

Foundry factory No. 1 with an area of ​​over 4000m2

2.1 Design of casting technology

Design, simulate and optimize casting technology using Cast Designer software, minimize damaged goods, improve casting quality and accuracy.

2.2 Manufacturing samples with advanced technologies

Depending on the requirements for accuracy, size and casting material, casting models are made with many different suitable technologies such as: 3D plastic printing, manufacturing precise wood or foam models and machining metal models. by CNC machine…

Print models with 3D printers.                                                                                                     Manufacture accurate wood models

Manufacture accurate wood models.                                                                                                       Manufacture digital models

2.3 Plastic sand mold technology

Furan and Alphaset plastic sand molds have high durability and good air release, allowing for casting large details with high precision and quality.

Mold making space and sand regeneration system

2.4 Medium frequency electric furnace system

Medium-frequency electric furnace system with a total capacity of 10 tons/batch and advanced annealing equipment and pouring barrels allow for smelting and casting of large parts.

2.5 Heat treatment of castings increases the mechanical strength and physical and chemical properties of the material

The heating furnace with precise heat control devices along with experienced engineers and skilled workers has increased the quality of castings and increased the physical and chemical durability of the material.

Heat treatment furnace with control device

2.6 Clean and finish castings

Casting parts are cleaned using shot blasting technology before being painted for protection using a semi-automatic line.

Blasting cleaning equipment 10 tons/batch

2.7 Testing equipment, process measurement and casting quality:

In each stage of technology, there are accurate testing and testing equipment and casting quality inspection equipment with high reliability.

Check metal composition                                                                                                                           Check metal temperature before pouring

Checking the mechanical properties of casting materials                                                                                                   Checking the metal crystal structure

Check size and profile  with a 3D scanner using specialized inspection software

2.8 Some typical molded products

Stainless steel casting products                                                                                                    Gray cast iron casting products exported to Japan

High chromium alloy, wear-resistant cast iron casting products                                                                       Duplex stainless steel casting products

2.9 Production of molded products

In addition to casting pump parts for the company’s products, HAPUMA  also casts other metal parts for the machine manufacturing and construction industries. Coming to HAPUMA, customers will be satisfied with high quality molded products, made of many different materials, in accordance with international standards.